the smuggler’s bible

Councilor Hovenor

Spotlights above the dais cast a harsh glare on the table where the six arch-councilors are gathered. Aisles radiate outward through the chamber toward the empty galleries, shadowy and cool.

Councilor Hovenor coughs nervously under his cowl. “OK, first item,” he says. “Kind of awkward, actually, but a preponderance of evidence indicates a spy on the council.”

“I thought we caught him already,” Councilor Breemfandigox says.

“Well, we did. I’m sure everyone remembers incinerating the traitor Councilor Vuboraz.”

They all nod.

“Weird,” Councilor Trabondo says, casually tucking a stray comms antenna back into his robe. “Man, this keeps happening, huh?”