the smuggler’s bible

Chapter Four: The Traitor

The cursed timepiece’s red hand halted at one o’clock—the omen position.

“This way,” Tattersail cried. “Keep up, Hognut. We’re close now!” The men thundered along a rickety plank street on the outskirts of Goldtown, led there by rumor and suspicion. Ahead of them, the coattails of the traitor White-eye Boniface disappeared around a corner.

The chase ended (as they often do) exactly where it began. Tattersail tackled the poltroon to the ground inside Jilly’s Tavern.

“Montecarda,” Bonifance gasped. “Search among the Pip King’s hoard.”

“Montecarda?” Hognut said, turning white. “That’s impossible.”

Oh, but if only they had known then.