the smuggler’s bible

smuggler’s bible, noun;

1. A book that has had some of its interior removed for the purpose of storing small items
2. The wall against your back; the decisions that put it there
3. Newton’s third law of cyberpunk
4. A professional trajectory describing a downward spiral
5. Your side of the bargain, before taxes

I’m Hontzlake and this — I’m sorry to say — is a story blog. Each story consists of 100 words, some of which are considered very carefully before selection. For convenience and matters of ritual, I use the counter inherent to Microsoft Word 2010. I publish twice a week on Wednesday and Friday.

Stories sharing the same tag are all generally connected. The lone exception is “everyone else,” which serves as a blanket category for one-offs. Finally, some of these short pieces of fiction are better than others. So, you know, good luck out there.

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